Eco Plus-Pacific View

The next generation in carpet with new levels of stain, soil, wear and colourfast performance plus luxurious softness that your toes will adore.



All you need is cold water to remove the most stubborn household food and beverage spills – even red wine and cordial. With no need for chemicals, cleaning your carpet has never been easier.
Put simply, staining can occur on regular carpets when a spill bonds to the fiber. But with Eco+Carpet, spills sit on the outside of the fiber, where they can be washed away with just cold water.
This is thanks to the breakthrough Eco+Triexta fiber that is totally impervious to liquids, with no surface bonding sites for permanent stains. You can also play with your pets indoors worry free, thanks to a lifetime pet protection guarantee  on all Eco+Carpets.


Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Bedazzled

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Birch Bark

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Blue Belle

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Blue Grey

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Cameo Green

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Cygnet

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Ivory Tusk

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Peanut Brittle

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Poppy Seed

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Rocky Ridge

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Silver Haze

Eco Plus-Pacicfic View-Walnut

Eco Plus-Pacific-View-Haystack

Eco Plus-Pacific-View-Limestone



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