Moss Planks are commercial grade carpet planks in a range of nature-inspired colours. The moss-like patterned structure provides an organic design that looks impressive as a floor on its own, or used as a feature highlight, co-ordinating with ranges Botanica Planks and Pure Planks.

product: moss
construction: multi-level loop
yarn/fibre: Antron Legacy®
pile height: 5.5mm
plank size: 250mm x 1000mm
total thickness: 8.5mm
carton size: 4sqm
total weight: 6.0g/m2


Moss-Planks-Aqua-3193 PL

Moss-Planks-Blue 3704 PL

Moss-Planks-Caramel 0905 PL

Moss-Planks-Duck 5456 PL

Moss-Planks-Goose 9897 PL

Moss-Planks-Green 0244 PL

Moss-Planks-Henna 1675 PL

Moss-Planks-Maroon 2359 PL

Moss-Planks-Navy-6740 PL

Moss-Planks-Orange 5324 PL

Moss-Planks-Red 3586 PL

Moss-Planks-Sea-3936 PL

Moss-Planks-Sky 7352 PL

Moss-Planks-Smokey 7578 PL

Moss-Planks-Teal-2131 PL

Moss-Planks-Whale-7112 PL

Moss-Planks-Wine-8561 PL

Moss-Planks-Wolf 0098 PL

Moss-Planks-Yellow 4282 PL


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