Hybrid Flooring Reviews

Sometimes called the future of flooring, combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl to create a durable, rigid flooring that is as functional as it is beautiful. Made from multiple layers pressed together, the result is an extremely long-lasting, hardwearing, visually stunning floor.

Hybrid flooring is, quite simply, beautiful. It looks amazing and it feels great underfoot. There are a lot of timber-look styles and tones from which to choose, and the end result looks just like timber flooring. Hybrid flooring products are 100% Waterproof. This is due to a unique combination of vinyl flooring and laminate technology, and it delivers the look of timber hardwood in areas where wood floors can’t be safely installed, including bathrooms and other potentially wet or damp areas. You need have no fear of getting the floor wet.

Hybrid flooring is very, very durable. There is no difficult maintenance or upkeep to worry about; cleaning requires little effort, and there are no ongoing costs attached to keeping it in great condition . Even if your home experiences heavy traffic, with kids and pets, your floor will still look great and perform well. Slightly damp mop, stains and spills from kids and pets, and even odours won’t be an issue with a hybrid flooring.

Hybrid flooring can be installed throughout your entire home, including bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even the laundry. This equates to a clean and fresh look throughout the entire home that provides consistency and flows from room to room. The aesthetic is seamless and ideal for everything from more traditional home layouts to modern open-plan living.

Vinyl Flooring

Hybrid flooring combines the best of both worlds: beauty mixed with durability. This flooring brand has received overall positive feedback from consumers that have installed and used this flooring in residential and commercial settings. Hybrid flooring is very affordable – especially when compared to the costs of hardwood. Contact Cosy Group for the latest hybrid flooring designs and installation now!

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