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Preference Floors is a global leader in the engineered flooring industry, taking pride in the environmentally friendly manufacture and sale of high-quality engineered floors. An Australian business with factories in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane and the opportunity to sell first-class Pine, Australian hardwood, bamboo, laminate, and vinyl engineered floors.

As an organization that actively aims to reduce its environmental effects, only environmentally controlled goods are provided by Preference Floors in Australia. To further reduce their ecological footprint, only the most modern production methods that are environmentally conscious are used to build each plank. In addition, a G5 locking mechanism is used by each set provided by Preference flooring to make installation as easy and simple as possible. They have become one of the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in Australia as a result of their dedication to developing high-quality, environmentally friendly floors.

Preference Flooring is a market head within the engineered flooring business, priding itself on manufacturing and distributing prime quality engineered flooring in an environmentally accountable method. An Australian firm with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane, and the flexibility to supply first-class engineered flooring constructed from Oak, Australian hardwood, bamboo, laminate, and vinyl.  As an enterprise that’s continually striving to cut back its environmental influence, choice flooring solely sources environmentally managed merchandise in China.

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To reduce their ecological footprint even additional, solely probably the most superior environmentally delicate manufacturing practices are used to create every plank. Moreover, every assortment provided by Preference flooring makes use of a G5 engaging system to make set up as quick and easy as possible. Because of their rigorousness and diligence in growing prime quality, environmentally pleasant flooring, they’ve to turn into one of all Australia’s main flooring suppliers.

Preference Floors is one of Australia’s driving discount wholesalers for a scope of International and exclusive versatile ground surface items and embellishments. Accessible all through Australia. Items incorporate artisan oak wide board flooring, cork flooring, Stonewood bamboo, oak flooring, Hydrocork, Bespoak wide board Oak, laminate flooring.

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Preference Floor Hybrid Flooring Reviews

Hybrid flooring is, quite simply, beautiful. It looks amazing and it feels great underfoot. They are a lot of timber-look styles and tones from which to choose, and the end result looks just like timber flooring.

Hybrid flooring products are 100% Waterproof. This is due to a unique combination of vinyl flooring and laminate technology, and it delivers the look of timber hardwood in areas where wood floors can’t be safely installed, including bathrooms and other potentially wet or damp areas.

Hybrid flooring is very, very durable. There is no difficult maintenance or upkeep to worry about; cleaning requires little effort, and there are no ongoing costs attached to keeping it in great condition (unlike with a hardwood timber floor).

Even if your home experiences heavy traffic, with kids and pets, your floor will still look great and perform well. Slightly damp mop, stains and spills from kids and pets, and even odours won’t be an issue with a hybrid flooring.

Hybrid flooring can be installed throughout your entire home, including bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and even the laundry. This equates to a clean and fresh look throughout the entire home that provides consistency and flows from room to room. The aesthetic is seamless and ideal for everything from more traditional home layouts to modern open-plan living.

Hybrid Floor: PROS

Talking about the pros and cons of hybrid flooring, there are very few to none disadvantages over the facilities that these type of flooring provides. Some of the features like the price might be a disadvantage but considering the durability and long term cost analysis;   Hybrid Flooring Solutions are a complete Win-Win Situation.

    • Beauty mixed with durability
    • 100% Waterproof floors
    • Easy to maintain and clean

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hybrid is the latest flooring innovation, combining the best laminate and vinyl attributes to create a stiff floating floor that can be installed all over the home. Hybrid is made of multiple layers of pressed together materials for an extremely hard wearing floor.

Yes, hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof in contrast to some brands of laminate flooring that claim to be waterproof too! The truth is that there is no laminate flooring made from hdf core which is 100 percent water proof!

Yes, if the tile or floor is in decent shape you can lay Hybrid flooring over existing tile or imperfect existing flooring. Loose, cracked tiles cause your installation to fail. You’ll also gain floor height which can cause door and appliance problems.

Using water and a pH neutral cleaner to scrub the floor regularly to remove any fingerprints, dirt and other stains or traces. A diluted solution of household ammonia, or white spirit, will also quickly absorb scuffs and stains. Using a damp towel, mop or brush-not a damp sheet. Light steam mop can also be done, make sure you don’t flood water.

In Australia only supply costs hybrid flooring from $29 / sqm up to $35 / sqm. Installation costs in Australia (specifically Sydney and NSW), for simple and straightforward installations typically cost between $20 per square metre, conditions apply. Installation prices of hybrid flooring can vary from place to place.

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