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Carpet tiles offer flexible options and allow for a wide variety of design choices. Even the fussiest of buyers can find a look that works for them with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are also highly versatile, giving a great look to homes, businesses and public spaces alike. As well as being versatile, carpets are a highly practical choice. They are warm and comfortable to walk on, very cost-effective and easy to install.

Carpet tiles are individual carpet squares/planks that are adhered to your floor using pressure-sensitive glue. Its designed to be installed easily as well as provide ease of replacement should it be required. Carpet tiles offer great design options as you can blend together different designs and patterns to create your own unique look.

We have a wide selection of carpets for commercial spaces. Boasting excellent aesthetic appeal, superior acoustics and outstanding durability. These quality carpet tiles are also popular for their creative looks, helping to elevate any space. Carpet tiles require very low maintenance. Even in high traffic areas. A tile can also be taken out, cleaned and put back into place without any hassles. Regular vacuuming is all that is required to keep carpet tiles looking new. For the inevitable spill, the affected area can simply be treated with a mild detergent or an absorbent sponge. This makes carpet the perfect choice for commercial use.

Carpet Tiles by Cosy

The Cosy Group range of Carpet Tiles is a dynamic Australian Owned Brand dedicated to supplying modern. High-quality carpet tiles to the professional and commercial sectors of Australia. Cosy Group ensures manufacture quality, selective use of high-quality materials and long-lasting colours and strength. We firmly believe stylish, top quality flooring is an integral component of any office space, lobby or work area. So this ethos is embedded in the design and construction of all our carpet tile ranges.

Cosy Group’s tiles carpet is constructed using only superior nylon yarns. Subject to stringent quality control measures to ensure the final product looks stunning many years after installation. Our ranges are distinctly modern, and stylish with an uncompromising focus on excellence.

Lastly, Cosy Group prides itself on its unique selection of Carpet Tiles, whether you have an office space to cover or a small home gym. All our products come with guarantees and quality assurance in manufacturing and materials used. We thrive on customer satisfaction and providing quality carpets. Check our official Facebook account for any updates.

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